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Senior UNIX Technologist with a broad and very deep knowledge of technology. Committed to contributing to the success of an organization. Highly technical, a key member of decision making teams with a proven ability in strategic planning and tactical implementation, with very hands on experience. Specific expertise includes:


Technical Knowledge and Training


Software and OS

         AIX - (3.25 - 5.1) Including the usual work with LVM, SMIT, PSSP, HACMP, Perspectives, etc. in regular and SP environments.

         LINUX (RedHat, SuSE, Slackware, etc.) Installations, configurations, shell scripting, firewalls and clustering.

         Shell Scripting, very strong in korn, bash, csh, pdsh

         UNIX - Including SCO, AT&T, Sun/Solaris, ICL, SysVR4, OpenBSD, Data General (DG-UX), with all the usual UNIX tools/cmd's: cron, named, rc.* mkfs, fsck, mknod, etc.

         TCP/IP - including OpenSSH, telnet, ftp, smtp, snmp, timed, dhcp, dns, bootp, tftp, sip etc. and most others.

         PERL development, both application and system programming.

         MySQL - installations configurations, administration, development and support.

         Oracle - (7.3.4 - 8i) Working along side DBA's to develop effective SQL, PL/SQL, and data models. Particularly with retail applications like JDA and ReTech

         C/C++ - simple development and use.

         TSM/ADSM - Installations and configuration, including development of retention plans and backup policies

         HTML - Development and configuration of http servers, including Apache and IIS

         NT - (3.5 - 4.0) Installations and management for application, file and print servers

         Win - (3.1 - 2k) Installations and management. Including remote deployment and servers (Win2k).

         Security Tools - Including PIX, CheckPoint One and ipchains/ifwadm (linux firewalls)

         Scheduling packages, inc AutoSys, Tivoli, etc.

         SNA - Configuration

         MQSeries - Plus other middleware products

         EDI - Applications including OpenEDI, Perminos, Harbinger TLE etc., deployment and use.

         Office Tools - Including MS Office, Word, Excel, etc. and extensive use of MS Project

         OS/400 - Use, upgrades and applying patches

         OS/390 - Use


         RS/6000 - From old 300's through S85's, including R/J30's - 50's, S70's, S7A's, high, thin and wide SP nodes

         CISCO Routers - 2900's to 6500's, installations and configurations including routing tables, ACL's, etc.)

         Storage - SSA, ESS, EMC Symetrix, Sun StorEdge, Compaq, SAN's and other DASD

         Sun - Ultra450's, 3000's, 4500's, and 6500's

         Intel - Intel based systems, generic through Compaq, Dell and IBM high-end servers

         AS/400 - Installations, 320's, 270's and 640's

        3494 - Plus other tape libraries, installation and maintenance3590, DLT - Plus other tape drives, installation and maintenance


Professional Experience

Independent Contractor 2001 - present

Carrying out Systems Administration and others tasks. Clients include (among others):

AstraZenica Contracted with IBM to provide System Adminstration of the AutoSys servers and application. This provides the world wide scheduling service to this global customer. Daily monitoring, management and ongoing support is provided from remote locations to the the mutilple servers and several hundred clients.

Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) Contracted with IBM to assist in migratation of 90+ sites world wide of various RS/6000's, consolidated on to LPARs on 4, P690 frames. The consoldation included the update of the OS to AIX 5.2 (ML5). The preparation and actions required detailed planning & co-ordination to accomidate the spreadacross world tme zone, transportation of tapes and the availability system to be worked on.

JP Morgan Chase UNIX/AutoSys Administrator, leading the project to upgrade and install CA's Enterprise job scheduler (3.5 to 4.0). Conducting the automation of the processes for all server instances and the 1000+ clients(mixed UNIX & NT). Maintaining and managing daily activities, including implementation of Change Controls. Extensive coding in PERL and shell scripting for jobs and automation of tasks and monitoring. Creation of DR solutions for 5 enterprise scheduling servers, including HACMP, SRDF/PPRC and AutosysHA.

Southern Dock Products - on site and remote management of UNIX systems for Corporate Accounting and Inventory Management. Carrying out the migration of systems due to company re-organization. On going day to day support for user problems, printers etc. Performance monitoring and analysis.

Southwest Sports Group (Texas Rangers) - Consultancy  and support of HACMP. General UNIX System administration and customized Shell scripting. Emergency recovery support.

ABCOR Services - various projects including, installation and configuration CISCO routers and LAN/WAN implementations. Deployments of ssh, inc OpenSSH

Corporate Computer Services. Remote administration, management and monitoring of customers systems. Security assessments, development of scripts (shell and perl) to provide daily reports, backups and management.

RSI Inc, - development and deployment of Linux based web site server, running Apache. Development of CGI (PERL) code for the dynamic creation of web pages and interaction with marketing material database (MySQL).

footStar, Inc., Irving, Texas 1999-2001
Technology Services

         Successfully created and implemented a Centralized Data Center, growing from 2 RS/6000's (AIX) to over 28 RS/6000's (J40's thru S85's - AIX), 20+ Wintel based machines, almost 17TB of DASD, and a variety of servers such as NT, Linux and AS/400.

         Creation of self-monitoring and automated failover Internet servers (ftp etc.) based on Linux RedHat.

         Proposed and implemented workstations for Computer Operations staff, built on Linux RedHat, providing a secure and controlled environment for Data Center Computer Operations to be managed from.

         Carried out installations of AIX systems using IBM SP network install tools (e.g. PSSP)

         Carried out and managed the relocation and re-hosting of applications and systems from the New Jersey Data Center to the Irving facility, including the migration from legacy platforms and the move to Oracle DB (8I). Optimizing DB stored procedures for significantly reduced batch cycles.

         Put ADSM/TSM in place as the Data Center backup solution, integrating in to IBM 3494 tape library (1 xL12 plus 3 x D12).

         Worked with NT/NOS administrators to integrate ArchServ and to utilize IBM 3575 tapes libraries and StorageTech DLT libraries.

         Successfully reconstructed (with out interruption to production) DNS to be efficient and reliable, replacing NT with primary/secondary, master/slave systems based on Linux using bind 8.2

         Created automated monitoring and altering of AIX systems, using PSSP and Perspectives. Monitoring and altering for filesystem usage, hardware and system process failures. And carrying out automated text paging of on call personnel.

         Created a stable production environment by developing and introducing standards and procedures for coding, system installations, system and DB administration and application integration. Particularly by creating much more efficient batch job scripts executed by the scheduling system (CA's AutoSys).

         Developed and created an automated formatting of Marketing and Sales reports, created from Oracle DB SQL queries and automatically sent to user's printers or e-mail (depending on requirement).

         Carried out design and management of SAN using IBM ESS (Shark), deploying 3 systems plus one expansion unit utilizing fiber network and McData directors.

         Performed extensive performance tuning of RS/6000's and SUN systems. Particularly through AIX Performance ToolBox (perfmon etc.) to reduce to a minimum batch processing time for nightly sales processing and interactive users of the Allocation and Replenishment systems.

         Carried out upgrades and replacements to IBM AS/400's including 320's, 270's and 640's

Michaels, Inc., Irving, Texas 1997-1998
Technical Services

         Carried out and Directed build of IBM SP environment for implementation of new merchandizing applications (Sales accounting and Sales History), leading to nightly batch processing being reduced from 5 hours to less than 30 mins. This was accomplished through completely re-writing the vendor-supplied code. (Moving a lot of the code from Oracle Stored Procedures to C and PERL).

         Installation and configuration of IBM RS/6000 (inc. SP, Thin and High nodes, S70's and AS/400's).

         Successfully took the production environment from one of constant 'fire drills' to a stable and routine operation.

         Carried out the IT infrastructure build out of new distribution center and the IT expansion of existing distribution centers. Including selection of RS/6000's, installation and initial management. Creation of menu driven administration for Site Administrators, utilizing the 'role' facilities in AIX.

         Provided development teams with foundation in TCP/IP socket programming to develop on line inventory look ups through hand scanners and developed backend to support that.

         Developed and created snmp monitoring and remote management of RF single processors through the use of UPS's.

         Applied necessary APARS and PTF's to maintain OS compliance and to support Oracle Parallel DB operations.

Greyhound Lines, Dallas, Texas 1996-1997
Technical Services

         Implemented HACMP and HAGEO Systems providing 100% availability to Bus OperationS System (BOSS).

         Developed and created HA (using native UNIX tools and shell scripts) Firewalls (CheckPoint One) for bus terminal access to corporate systems.

         Carried out the deployment and integration of bus terminal ticketing systems (essentially a POS system for bus tickets) across the CompuServ's network. Providing cheap WAN connectivity prior to the widespread use of the Internet. Most of the development work being done in C and UNIX Shell Scripts.

         Developed monitoring and remote management of AIX (RS/6000) and SUN (SparcCenter 2000) systems using Tivoli.

         Established policies and procedures for all systems administration activities.

         Carried out usual SA tasks of backups and restores, using mksysb and developed in house tools using 'backup', 'dump', 'tar', 'dd' and 'SysBack'.

         Provided technical services required to migrate from legacy (outsourced) mainframe environment.

Outside Force/CUSA Technology, Dallas, Texas 1994-1996
National Implementation Engineer

Handled implementation of all new customer systems and provided system level support to customers.

         Led team of 12 systems administrators responsible for implementations and support, nationally.

         Designed, developed and carried out customer installs, including hardware (RS/6000, DataGeneral and SUN), OS (AIX, DG-UX, Solaris) and applications, nationally.

         Provided customer support both remotely and on site for all UNIX and NT systems.

         As an IBM VAR carried out the duties and functions of an IBM CE.


         North Texas Autosys Users Group - President

         North Texas Technology Council - Sitting on the International Relations and Education Affiliation Committees.

         Dallas Fort Worth UNIX Users Group

         DFW Linux Users Group


Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering,
4-yr degree in Electrical and Mechanical Production Engineering. (Bordon Hampshire, England.)


SF86 completed and cleared by DSS (required for project with AAFES).